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For programmers who wish to improve the software, many examples of source code for RapidQ here

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QChartist is on GitHub in the Projects section!

QChartist also runs on Android devices !
- Follow the Method #1: Use ExaGear Emulator to Run Exe Files

- Download and run QChartist_install.exe in ExaGear.

- If QChartist won't start, desactivate your antivirus and try again.
- If QChartist can't be updated, close it and run update.exe
- Windows 10 users may copy RapidQ32.dll and libiconv-2.dll to C:\Windows folder in order to recompile the program with QTStart.bat
- If you can't delete the QChartist directory, try to move or delete the file C:\QChartist\fonts\Astro.TTF manually from the cmd command line.
Works best on Windows Eventually works on WineHQ


QChartist takes a lot of time and expertise for its development. Your contributions will ensure the future of QChartist. Thank you.


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