Click here to download QChartist_installer.exe standalone installation package with an icon on your Desktop (installer build 271: 767MB)

Click here to download QChartist_install.exe (installer: 1MB)
MD5: 4cd8defd12d905cbdbdde52ae5d7754d
SHA1: f1818af4479ec01c97e147a81c62a6fd8ccf855f
SHA256: 2c41f4ca6dc0fb40f554fe22fd7f11888211872ed0e9a72a87530bed5072b8e4

Click here to download QChartist.rar (build 271: 693MB)
(Use WinRar to extract)

Click here to download (build 271: 822MB)
(Use 7-Zip to extract)

Installation notes :
- Under Windows, Microsoft Defender may complain about running the QChartist installers but we can guarantee you that QChartist is completely safe and virus free. Right-click the installer, Select “Properties”, Check “Unblock”, Click “OK”.
- QChartist must be installed and started from the C: drive in the folder C:\QChartist
Under Windows, you should enable elevated privileges in order to install the software. Right-click the executable and choose "Run as Administrator". Enter your administrator account and password when prompted.
- If you want to remove QChartist from your system, you have to delete the C:\QChartist folder manually from your file explorer. If you can't delete the QChartist directory, try first to move or delete the file C:\QChartist\fonts\Astro.TTF manually from the cmd command line.

Once installed, don't forget to run update to get the last version with all new functionalities!



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