Chart Opening
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A chart shows the price changes for a security with the time. Charts are necessary for performing of technical analysis, working of expert advisors and testing thereof.
Offline Charts
QChartist allows to work with offline charts. These charts are opened on basis of data saved on the hard disk in CSV format. These charts turn out as very useful for working with all kinds of securities or periods.
To open a new chart in offline mode, one has to execute the "File — Import CSV" menu command. Then, in the parameters window, click on "Open file" : a .csv file must be selected in the window that appears, and the "Open" button must be pressed. YHOO1440.csv file is included as an example in the csv directory of QChartist.

End Of Day Charts
Click on "File -- Data source" menu in order to open EOD charts from Yahoo Finance or Stooq (you need to be connected to the Internet). More details here.