Import CSV
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Use this function to open a chart from a CSV file (compatible with Meta Trader 4 CSV files)

You just need to have a .csv file correctly formatted in order to do so.

CSV file format must be like this:

date (YYYY.MM.DD),time (HH:MM),open,high,low,close,volume

QChartist uses the same csv format as in the MetaTrader 4 history center

For example, your CSV file must begin with something like:


You can check this with Notepad.
All fields must be present. If you don't use time in your file (for daily or more), you need to have a time column with 00:00
for all rows in your file.

You can change the order of each column and the separator character can be a coma (,) or anything else. When your click on
import CSV in QChartist, your can enter the position of each column in your CSV and the separator character.
Position 1 is the first column in your file. After that, click on open file and choose your file.
In order to format your files correctly, you can use your usual office suite to do this.
You must not use " " delimiters in your CSV file.