Data source
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You can open End Of Day charts :
- stock charts with Yahoo Finance (e.g. symbol : yhoo)
- forex charts with Stooq (e.g. symbol : eurusd)

Click on the Symbols list button to show the list of symbols and names for many markets.

Double click on a symbol in the list to open it with the current timeframe and dates that are set in the Data source form.

Click on a symbol in the list to paste it in the Data source form. Then you can change the source, dates and timeframe before getting the chart.

AMEX and NASDAQ markets can work with Yahoo! Finance Internet and Google Finance sources (in data source).
All the other markets work with Stooq source.

- With Yahoo! Finance Internet you can use Daily, Weekly and Monthly timeframes.
- With Stooq you can use Daily, Weekly and Monthly timeframes.
- With Google Finance you can use 1 Minute, 5 Minutes, 15 Minutes, 30 Minutes and 60 Minutes timeframes.

Real time mode:
You can use the Real time mode for Yahoo Finance Daily timeframe and Google Finance timeframes from 1M to 60M.
Not all symbols work with the real time mode. This function is still in beta test.
The real time mode works only between 02:30 PM and 10:00 PM GMT from monday to friday (when the US market is open).
Usage: check realtime and click on Get chart then you need to wait until the clock disappear. The real time script will open a 1M chart and your desired timeframe.
When you are using the real time mode, before opening another chart you need to disable the real time mode : uncheck real time in the data source form and wait until the Get chart button is enabled. Now you can open another chart. If you do not do this, it will bug.