Synodic Cycle
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The Beauty of the Mercury Synodic Cycle and its forecasting power:

Observing and studying the cycles of Mercury is not only a very interesting subject for astronomers but it has a great importance for traders and investors as well. If you chart the Mercury synodic cycle as degrees of angle separation from the Sun as a function of time and you plot such graph on a standard stock chart you will easily notice how sometimes the curves of the Mercury Synodic cycle graph follow closely the direction of the stock swing movents: since we know in advance the future direction of the Mercury synodic cycle we can use it to make simple yet powerful forecasts.
There is plenty of research still to be made, for example it is not clear what makes this cycle to go completely out of phase form time to time and what all of the sudden makes it work perfectly again. Mercury has always puzzled astrophysicists with issues of celestial mechanics, some of them needed the general relativity theory to eventually solved. The mechanism behind the forecasting power of Mercury is still so obscure.
Gann tracked the cycles of Mercury as well (you can infer this point form the writings he left), George Bayer was an acute observer of these cycles.
Good luck with your research! And remember that studying and learning is always imperative for improving your timing and forecasting skills: nobody has all the answers, do not trust market gurus and analysts, study and learn yourself, you will be always better off than following other people.