Planet scale
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The other thing that Gann would do is convert the degrees to the speed of the planets to what he called a "scale".

Saturn takes 30 years to make one revolution of the Sun and Jupiter takes 12 years so to get what he called a Saturn scale he would first divide the number by 30. 8729 divided by 30 equals 290.966 which can be rounded up to 291 degrees.

On a zodiac wheel 291 degrees is 21 degrees Capricorn. To get the Jupiter scale divide 8729 by 12, which equals 727.416, which needs to be divided by 360 until it will fit on one circle. 727.416 divided by 360 equals 2.02 times so we take 720 from 727.416 and we are left with 7.416 degrees or 7 degrees and 41 minutes of Aries. I am able to be more accurate that Mr. Gann because I have the luxury of a calculator.

These prices were converted to degrees of the Zodiac like this so that when a planet passes over this degree it is sensitive and a trend change can take place.