Market Watchlist
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Hi, i am currently working on a customizable market watchlist using python websockets-client and RQ
Prices will be updated every second
I have done the code in python, compiled to executable and made a small Gui with listboxes for the watchlist symbols and prices
There is still work to be done (communication between python script and RQ Gui)
I think it is promising

The Market Watchlist Live is communicating well and has been integrated into QChartist.
It works great and will be available in the build 185
I am still testing it and need to add some useful features like adding or removing tickers from the list, see change %, add colors, sound alert when price > or < specified value, etc

- added buttons to the Watchlist: add symbol, remove symbol, move symbol up, move symbol down

- added text to speech function to the watchlist
it says the last price of a clicked price cell

The Market Watchlist is made and compiled with Python 3.8.8 32 bits under Windows 7

I tried the Watchlist under several operating systems and configurations.
Critical points are GetFileInformationByHandleEx, KERNEL32.dll, python38.dll, sample.exe (the python program to stream with websockets-client)

I tried with :
Windows XP Home Service Pack 2 32 bits : Watchlist crashs (maybe it works with Service Pack 3)
Windows 7 Famillial 32/64 bits : Watchlist works fine!
Ubuntu 8.04.1 i386 with Wine-1.0 : cannot recompile with QTStart.bat (because of spaces) and Watchlist crashs
Ubuntu 8.04.1 i386 with Wine-1.2 : Watchlist crashs
Ubuntu 12.04 i386 with Wine1.4 : Watchlist crashs
Ubuntu 12.04 i386 with Wine1.7 from PPA : Watchlist crashs
Ubuntu 14.04 i386 with Wine-4.0 from PPA : Watchlist works fine!

To sum up, the Watchlist works on :
- Windows 7 and superior
- Linux or Ubuntu 14.04 or superior with Wine-4.0 or superior

See How to Install Wine >= 4.0 in Ubuntu 18.10, 16.04, 14.04

Next steps ; of what it would be possible to do:

- Add to the data source list in order to get historical data and charts

- Connect the real-time watchlist stream (Trades - Last Price Updates) ( with charts opened in QChartist
(Real-time stream will be only available for US stocks, forex and crypto)
This will make it possible for the displayed charts in QChartist to be updated real-time.

All that will maybe be available in a future build. This will take several hours or days of work.
I will keep you informed of that in this topic.