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Calculates the Moving Average indicator on data, stored in array, and returns its value.

double  imaonarray(
   double       array[],          // array with data
   int          total,            // number of elements
   int          ma_period,        // MA averaging period
   int          ma_shift,         // MA shift
   int          ma_method,        // MA averaging method
   int          shift             // shift

array[] :
[in]  Array with data.

total :
[in]  The number of items to be counted. 0 means the whole array.

ma_period :
[in]  Averaging period for calculation.

ma_shift :
[in]  MA shift. Indicators line offset relate to the chart by timeframe.

ma_method :
[in]  Moving Average method. It can be any of MA METHOD constants values.

shift :
[in]  Index of the value taken from the indicator buffer (shift relative to the current bar the given amount of periods ago).

Returned value :
Numerical value of the Moving Average indicator, calculated on data, stored in array[].

Note :
Unlike ima(...), the imaonarray() function does not take data by timeframe, the applied price. The price data must be previously prepared. The indicator is calculated from left to right.


   double macurrent=imaonarray(ExtBuffer,0,5,0,MODE_LWMA,0);
   double macurrentslow=imaonarray(ExtBuffer,0,10,0,MODE_LWMA,0);
   double maprev=imaonarray(ExtBuffer,0,5,0,MODE_LWMA,1);
   double maprevslow=imaonarray(ExtBuffer,0,10,0,MODE_LWMA,1);
   if(maprev<maprevslow && macurrent>=macurrentslow)
     Alert("crossing up");