How to use QChartist under ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron with wine 1.2
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I found that QChartist.bas can't be compiled with qtstart.bat under wine 1.0 but it works with wine 1.2
If you have an old computer and install ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron, it has wine 1.0 installed by default.

In order to install wine 1.2 under ubuntu 8.04 :
- modify your sources.list file with
deb hardy main restricted
deb-src hardy main restricted
deb hardy main
deb-src hardy main

- do a sudo apt-get update

- You need to install the updated packages with a sudo update-manager

- Then do a sudo apt-get install wine

Now you have wine 1.2 installed and QChartist will work pretty well.