How to use multi timeframe indicators
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For example : ADR112 is a multi timeframe indicator. This means that we will have to use the "Attribute timeframe" function in the Edit menu.

Usage example of the ADR112 indicator :
We will display this indicator on a daily chart with the use of a weekly chart :

- In the File > Data source open yhoo with weekly timeframe
- Once the weekly chart is displayed on screen, click on Edit > attribute timeframe and select 10080 (10080 minutes = weekly) as chart TF. Close the timeframe attribution window.
- Open the data source window again and open yhoo with a daily timeframe (you don't need to close the previous weekly chart)
- Click on Tools > Indicators, click on ADR112 cpp and on Properties. Choose Weekly for timeframe basement and click OK. In the indicators window, click on "Add indicator" for ADR112 cpp and click OK.

Here is the result :